Monday, May 14, 2012

Hummus sandwich with tomatoes

Ingredients :

1 . bread

2 . hummus

3 . tomatoes

4 . pepper or any other spices you like

Instructions :

1 . Sperad the hummus on the bread

2 . Cut the tomato to slices and put them on the bread

3 . Add peppr or any other spice you like

Tips :

1 . as with all my recipes this is mainly to give you ideas you can add any other vegetable or spice you like instead of the tomato or the pepper 

Friday, April 6, 2012

improved instant mushroom soup

Ingredients :

1 . Instant mushroom soup

2 . mushrooms (canned,cooked,fresh)

3 . some spice (optional)

Instructions :

1 . Mix the instant mushroom powder with hot water

2 . Add the mushrooms (canned,cooked,fresh)

3 . Optional - add a spice ( parsley , oregano basil ect...)

Tips :

1 . Try different types of mushroom to diverse but of course canned is the cheapest and simplest

2 . You can always add different ingredients to the soup that are not mushrooms - tomatoes potatoes and any other ingredient you like

3 . The good thing about adding ingredients is that you can make the soup a little bit health value than an instant soup and its much more filling with the added ingredients

4 . Adding spices is like adding more powder - so when you add more spices you can get more amount of soup without adding more instant soup powder, you also add a small amount of health value to the soup - dont be afraid to try different spice like paprika, black pepper , cumin ect...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apple puzzle

Be careful :

Very easy to cut your fingers - make sure you wont cut through the apple and cut the fingers that hold the apple

Cooking tools :

1 . Knife

Ingredients :

1 . Apple

Instructions :

1 . cut the apple in shapes

Tips :

1 . You can cut in any shape you want - but the easiest way is to cut big straight lines and than if you want smaller pieces you can cut the big parts to smaller ones - insted of cutting small pieces from the start

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marshmallow roasted on the fire

Be careful :

If you use a candle - move items that are around the candle

Children should do this with a grown-up around

Cooking tools :

1 . Fire source : candle or stove-top

Ingredients :

1 . Marshmallows

Instructions :

1 . Take a marshmallow and stick it on a stick

2 . Hold it above the fire until its ready

Tips :

1 . Cooking rule : long time + less heat = cooked better on the inside
short time + more heat= cooked more on the outside and less in the inside .

same thing with marshmallow , if you like it to cook better in the side and that it wont burn hold it far from the fire or lower the flames and the opposite if you want it to be burned from the outside and less cooked in the inside .

2 . You can always do it the classical way which is on a fire outside the house

3 . A good way to prevent from the marshmallow to burn is to slowly turn it above the fire that way no part of it is exposed to the fire for to long

Friday, September 2, 2011

Zebra cake

Cooking tools :

1 . Mixer

2 . baking dish

3 . freezer

Ingredients :

1 . 500 ml non-dairy whipped cream
2 . chocolate flavored petit beurre biscuits

Instructions :

1 . Take the 500 ml non-dairy whipped cream and put it in the mixer and mix until it looks like cream and not liquid : im not sure myself how long to wait - but i belive 8 minutes on high speed will be ok

2 . Add the cream to a baking dish and then put the petit beurre biscuits in the cream

3 . Put the cake in the freezer for the night

Tips :

1 . To help the whipped cream to turn from liquid to cream its better to add it cold so keep it inside the refrigerator until the time of use .

2 . You can add the petit beurre biscuits in any shape you like , and you can also add them before pouring the cream - you can coat the baking dish with biscuits and then add the cream - and also you can add after that more biscuits !

3 . You can use regular petit beurre biscuits and dunk them for 1 second ( not more or they get really soft ) in coffee or cocoa

4 .
You can grate with a grater dark choolate inside the cream before adding it to the baking dish

5 . You can add melted dark chocolate (explained here ) to the baking dish and then add the cream that way you will get a chocolate coverd cake

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Corn in the microwave

Cooking tools :

1 . Microwave

Ingredients :

1 . Corn

Instructions :

1 . Take the Corncobs and put them in a bowl , cover it with a microwave-cover and put in the microwave

2 . Cover the corn with boiling water and add a small amount of salt
( i use for 2 corncobs 1/2 a teaspoon - but i think maybe you shouldnt add salt at all because you can add salt after the corn is ready )

3 . Put it in the micro for 10 minutes it should be ready - you usually can tell by the color - its strong yellow unlike the pale yellow it was before
but you can check by tasting a small part of the corn by using a fork

Tips :

1 . When its done you can add margarine , salt , pepper , and any othe spice you like

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fresh tomato sauce

Cooking tools :

1 . blender or food processor

Ingredients :

1 . Tomatos

Instructions :

1 . Cut the tomatos (to 2 or 4 pieces) so it will be easier for the blender or food processor to grind them .

2 . grind them

Tips :

1 . You can eat eat like a soup or with a piece of bread or use it as a sauce .

2 . You can add olive oil , salt , pepper and any other spice you like (you can also add them to the blender and grind them with the tomatos .

Thursday, August 4, 2011

potato in the microwave

Ingredients :

1 . Potato

Instructions :

1 . Take a potato and put it in the microwave and cover it with a microwave-cover ( might work without a cover - didnt try )

2 . Put for 2-3 minutes then take it out and check if its ready by sticking a fork in it if not put in for another 2-3 minutes until it is done it usually takes around 8 minutes

Tips :

1 . You can add margarine , salt pepper , oregano and any other spice you like

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chocolate banana

Ingredients :

1 . 300 gr of dark chocolate

2 . 5 bananas

Instructions :

Put the dark chocolate in a bowl and put in the microwave for 1 minute then stir and (if there are still part of chocolate) put in the microwave again for another 20 seconds and then dip the banana in the chocolate

Tips :

1 . The most important thing is not to burn the chocolate - to avoid this you should put the chocolate in the microwave for short periods of time - 20 seconds each time so it wont over heat

2 . break the chocolate in to small pieces so it will melt better

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rice with beans

Ingredients :

1 . 1 cup of rice

2 . a can of beans in tomato sauce (around 500 gr)

3 . 1 teaspoon of salt

Instructions :

1 . Put the rice in a bowl

2 . Cover with boiling water 1 cm above the rice

3 . Add 1 teaspoon of salt and mix

4 . Put in the microwave (with a microwave cover) for 10 minutes

5 . Again : cover with hot water 1 cm above the rice

6 . Again : Put in the microwave (with a microwave cover) for 10 minutes

7 . Put the beans in the bowl and mix