Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marshmallow roasted on the fire

Be careful :

If you use a candle - move items that are around the candle

Children should do this with a grown-up around

Cooking tools :

1 . Fire source : candle or stove-top

Ingredients :

1 . Marshmallows

Instructions :

1 . Take a marshmallow and stick it on a stick

2 . Hold it above the fire until its ready

Tips :

1 . Cooking rule : long time + less heat = cooked better on the inside
short time + more heat= cooked more on the outside and less in the inside .

same thing with marshmallow , if you like it to cook better in the side and that it wont burn hold it far from the fire or lower the flames and the opposite if you want it to be burned from the outside and less cooked in the inside .

2 . You can always do it the classical way which is on a fire outside the house

3 . A good way to prevent from the marshmallow to burn is to slowly turn it above the fire that way no part of it is exposed to the fire for to long

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