Friday, September 2, 2011

Zebra cake

Cooking tools :

1 . Mixer

2 . baking dish

3 . freezer

Ingredients :

1 . 500 ml non-dairy whipped cream
2 . chocolate flavored petit beurre biscuits

Instructions :

1 . Take the 500 ml non-dairy whipped cream and put it in the mixer and mix until it looks like cream and not liquid : im not sure myself how long to wait - but i belive 8 minutes on high speed will be ok

2 . Add the cream to a baking dish and then put the petit beurre biscuits in the cream

3 . Put the cake in the freezer for the night

Tips :

1 . To help the whipped cream to turn from liquid to cream its better to add it cold so keep it inside the refrigerator until the time of use .

2 . You can add the petit beurre biscuits in any shape you like , and you can also add them before pouring the cream - you can coat the baking dish with biscuits and then add the cream - and also you can add after that more biscuits !

3 . You can use regular petit beurre biscuits and dunk them for 1 second ( not more or they get really soft ) in coffee or cocoa

4 .
You can grate with a grater dark choolate inside the cream before adding it to the baking dish

5 . You can add melted dark chocolate (explained here ) to the baking dish and then add the cream that way you will get a chocolate coverd cake

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