Friday, April 6, 2012

improved instant mushroom soup

Ingredients :

1 . Instant mushroom soup

2 . mushrooms (canned,cooked,fresh)

3 . some spice (optional)

Instructions :

1 . Mix the instant mushroom powder with hot water

2 . Add the mushrooms (canned,cooked,fresh)

3 . Optional - add a spice ( parsley , oregano basil ect...)

Tips :

1 . Try different types of mushroom to diverse but of course canned is the cheapest and simplest

2 . You can always add different ingredients to the soup that are not mushrooms - tomatoes potatoes and any other ingredient you like

3 . The good thing about adding ingredients is that you can make the soup a little bit health value than an instant soup and its much more filling with the added ingredients

4 . Adding spices is like adding more powder - so when you add more spices you can get more amount of soup without adding more instant soup powder, you also add a small amount of health value to the soup - dont be afraid to try different spice like paprika, black pepper , cumin ect...

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