Thursday, August 25, 2011

Corn in the microwave

Cooking tools :

1 . Microwave

Ingredients :

1 . Corn

Instructions :

1 . Take the Corncobs and put them in a bowl , cover it with a microwave-cover and put in the microwave

2 . Cover the corn with boiling water and add a small amount of salt
( i use for 2 corncobs 1/2 a teaspoon - but i think maybe you shouldnt add salt at all because you can add salt after the corn is ready )

3 . Put it in the micro for 10 minutes it should be ready - you usually can tell by the color - its strong yellow unlike the pale yellow it was before
but you can check by tasting a small part of the corn by using a fork

Tips :

1 . When its done you can add margarine , salt , pepper , and any othe spice you like


  1. You're kinda funny :) I leave mine in the husk, wrap it in saran wrap and microwave 6 minutes for first two ears and an addition for 3 for each ear after!!!